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Blessing Way Requests

Today I am 20 weeks! It feels like it’s all pretty much downhill from here. Christmas is right on our heals which will make one month fly by. That leaves January and a short February before March comes along and before you know it, BAM! it’s April and a baby will be here.

The Guy and I joke that this baby is pretty much already here.

With a planned unassisted homebirth I’d really like to make a call for blessings from all my birth-loving sisters. I’ve never requested a blessing but I have given a few of them over the last year or two and I love being a part of it.

image source: www.theblessingcircle.com

For those of you who don’t know what a Blessing Way is: A Blessing Way is a celebratory ceremony of sorts that focuses on the pregnant mother. Traditionally women gather and share birth stories, let go of fears, and talk about her feelings and excitement of birth. Mama is spoiled with gifts, often times of beads or prayer flags to be strung together, symbolizing the love & support she is surrounded by. She is given blessings in the form of poems, prayers, or well wishes to be read during her time of need in labor. You can get more details on what a Blessing Way is here.

Ideally I’d love to have this locally however, many of my favorite birthy friends live in my computer, scattered all over the states (and beyond) so I’m going to call for a virtual Blessing Way of sorts.

I’ll be making a birth necklace to wear during the birth and before, for strength. I am going to ask all my friends (who are willing to participate) to send me a blessings and/or a bead as the time approaches. The bead will be added to my birth necklace and the blessing will be put into a jar, to be opened and read during my labor.

It’s early but I wanted to give everyone a chance to get their blessings to me in time. I’ll be collecting them from here forward so no real rush. There is still plenty of time.

I don’t feel comfortable posting my address for all of the world to see but if you’ll email me (or DM if you follow me on twitter) I’ll respond back with my address!

I’m so super excited about this! I’ve participated in a number of Blessing Ways and each time I feel like I’m empowering a momma. I’m really looking forward to actually having my own. As I get beads and I start stringing them along, I’ll post them on Instagram and share them with everyone.

So here we go… the countdown to baby begins!


  1. Claire says:

    i’m not very good at this but i would love to try my best and participate!