Twins & Schedules?

Today I am linking up with other twin MOMs to discuss schedules and feedings. I wasn’t going to participate in this week’s MOM link up if only because the word “schedule” makes me cringe and I didn’t want to be that mom. I say this when those closest to me (Nikki, I’m looking at you […]

Less is more. Twin baby gear.

Today I am linking up with other twin MoMs, on the discussion of baby gear. Ahhh baby gear. I raised my singleton on a single mom’s budget. The best she had was the johnny jumper my mom bought her for Christmas. Everywhere I went, all I had with me was a diaper and a small […]

For MoMs by MoMs-Introduction

Today I’m linking up to other Mom of Multiples (aka Moms) in attempt to reach out to other MoMs. A little about me: My name is Amanda and I am a working mom to 3 incredible girls. I’m married to awesome musician slash super dad, Joey going on 8 years now. Texan by default. After […]

Coming out of another closet.

I feel like I’ve been writing this post  for days weeks months now. I’ve had it typed up in draft mode now for quite some time. Even now as I type out the words, my eyes sting with tears as I go through a  range of emotions: disappointment, shame, remorse, regret, denial, happiness… I’ve recently […]

The Force and a mother’s love

I had an amazing conversation the other day on Twitter with a total and complete stranger.  Typically conversations like these start and end in complete one-sided ignorance but this particular conversation grew from genuine curiosity. She was asking a few questions about breastfeeding and it really got me thinking a little bit about how the […]

a thing or 2 on twins

I get a few readers who find my site by searching for stuff like “twin pregnancy” or “30 weeks twins”. This one’s for you guys. I’ve been the new mom already. I’ve gone through the emergency-room trip for nothing, breastfeeding, baby opssie off the bed, crying, diaper and the like, woes. I’ve kept a newborn […]