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Twins & Schedules?

Today I am linking up with other twin MOMs to discuss schedules and feedings. I wasn't going to participate in this week's MOM link up if only because the word "schedule" makes me cringe and I didn't want to be that mom. I say this when those closest to me (Nikki, I'm looking at you my fellow OCD'er) can attest to my love for all things planned and properly put into a calendar. But following the advice of another twin mom, it's good to be the voice of the alternative. So, screw it... I'm participating! … [Read more...]

Less is more. Twin baby gear.

Today I am linking up with other twin MoMs, on the discussion of baby gear. Ahhh baby gear. I raised my singleton on a single mom's budget. The best she had was the johnny jumper my mom bought her for Christmas. Everywhere I went, all I had with me was a diaper and a small box of wipes. Her "gear" was pretty much limited to toys. I wanted to raise my girls with that same mentality that what babies needed most wasn't things... it was simply, a mom. So with that in mind, here is a list of things I would suggest as my "much needed twin gear". … [Read more...]

For MoMs by MoMs-Introduction

Today I'm linking up to other Mom of Multiples (aka Moms) in attempt to reach out to other MoMs. A little about me: My name is Amanda and I am a working mom to 3 incredible girls. I'm married to awesome musician slash super dad, Joey going on 8 years now. Texan by default. After a brief struggle with infertility, we finally hit the jackpot in October of 2011. By day I work for a toy company helping them gaining rankings online, manage their social media, and design pretty things for them when the need arises. By night, I'm mom and wife to the most amazing people. When I can I craft, design, blog, take photos, and scrapbook. When I can. Having two has really been one hellofa learning curve. Some days I think I have it down and others are like Lord of the Flies. I'm a slightly crunchy, wanna be hippie with a total necrotic personality. I'm always looking to expand my circle of like minded people and love meeting twin/multiple moms so please feel free to say hello and introduce yourself. You can read all about their journey here.         … [Read more...]

Coming out of another closet.

I feel like I've been writing this post  for days weeks months now. I've had it typed up in draft mode now for quite some time. Even now as I type out the words, my eyes sting with tears as I go through a  range of emotions: disappointment, shame, remorse, regret, denial, happiness... I've recently switched from strictly breastmilk feeding my girls to supplement-feedings with formula. That's right... I am now longer exclusively breastfeeding my children. I read and reread and rereread that last paragraph and still feel the pain of this choice. It wasn't an easy one but I think I'm finally in a place where I accept the choice I made. But it hasn't been an easy road. … [Read more...]

The Force and a mother’s love

I had an amazing conversation the other day on Twitter with a total and complete stranger.  Typically conversations like these start and end in complete one-sided ignorance but this particular conversation grew from genuine curiosity. She was asking a few questions about breastfeeding and it really got me thinking a little bit about how the world views breastfeeding mothers. Before you go off thinking "Ohh gawd, not ANOTHER one of these", please allow me to tell you my personal story about breastfeeding and why it is I hold conversations like these close to my heart. … [Read more...]

a thing or 2 on twins

I get a few readers who find my site by searching for stuff like "twin pregnancy" or "30 weeks twins". This one's for you guys. I've been the new mom already. I've gone through the emergency-room trip for nothing, breastfeeding, baby opssie off the bed, crying, diaper and the like, woes. I've kept a newborn alive and she's alive TO THIS DAY, even still! Can you believe it?! So when I was pregnant with "baby-monster" (what we called baby in utero) I was all like, "OMG this is gonna be a breeze! I'll home-birth and baby wearing and coconut oil, OH MY! I'm so much wiser and I totally know what to do this time around." Hahahaha... cute, right? Oh life... you silly tricky little bastard, you. Baby-Monster turns plural. Home birth turns hospital birth. Totally prepared turns "has anyone seen my pants?" After all the hoopla of birth settled and The Guy was out getting lunch, I placed both babies on a pillow, between my legs. We were all alone, the 3 of us. They were sleeping peacefully when I had this moment. In that moment I thought to myself, "Ok... ok... I can do this. It'll be like having an extra baby to take care of. It'll be a little extra work but nothing too insanely different" This is the point where all my seasoned twin momma's start laughing at me. Fast forward to now. I've been a mom to twins for all of 3 months and 8 days, now. Some days I feel like I've got it down to a science. Most days... not so much. It's wild. Like, constant WTF, wild. There are a few things I wish someone had told me. Screamed at me. Beaten into me! Let me break it down to you "30 weeks twins". So later on you can say no one told you. Because you're too busy to remember your own name. :) … [Read more...]

A day in the life of a working, twin mom.

“I don’t know how you do it”. This is something I’ve come to hear quite often. Typically I laugh it off, show them a few photos of my babies and go skipping, merrily along my way. Somewhere between the lack of sleep, going back to work, the never ending mess that’s become my home and oh ya… having two babies, my life has become completely unrecognizable. I knew having a baby would change our lives but stop the presses Dr, Jekyell… Since the day we brought our little bundles of squish home, I’ve been on Go-Mode. And I don’t feel like its slowed down much, yet. Today I decided to take a step back and evaluate my day. What I discovered… well we’ll get to what I discovered. I first want to go over what led me to my discovery. Take my hand! Let me to show you my day. ***Takes a sip of coffee, crosses a leg, and stares longingly into the fog…*** … [Read more...]